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CushionWorld features Galtech umbrellas because of their uncompromising standards for quality, style and customer service.
All of the umbrellas – from exotic hardwood to powder-coated aluminum - are available in a variety of colors and finishes. 
Galtech patio umbrellas use resin hubs and finials – not plastic!  The crank housings are fabricated with powder-coated aluminum.
     The crank cables are not the usual nylon cord. These are actual steel cables that won’t fray or snap over time like other umbrellas. 
     The Sunbrella canopies are removable, machine-washable and warrantied by the manufacturer against fading, rot or mildew. 

     They are also available in many Sunbrella fabrics to coordinate with your cushions. 

Don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap imitation that will be unusable in a couple of seasons! 

Invest in a Galtech!


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111/ 211 Café & Bistro
161 Café & Bistro
121/221 Café, Bistro, Condos
131 All purpose Wood
132/232 Double Pulley
136 Commercial use
139/239 Quad pulley, Rotational Tilt
279 Oval Shade
183 Maximum Shade
532tk Designer Teak
537tk Rotational Tilt
587tk Maximum Shade


Brass Trim Base Sleeve Threaded Coupling
Galtech International Wood Features
Threaded Coupling
Premium Finishes
Most of our wood umbrellas feature a sturdy threaded coupling to secure the upper pole to the lower pole. This method of securing the upper and lower pole results in the strongest possible connection.
All Galtech wood umbrellas feature six layers of marine grade varnish to seal and protect the wood. This multiple layer finish enhances the beauty of the wood while providing protection from the elements. Teak umbrellas are finished with a light sealer.
Brass Trim
Base Sleeve
Galtech’s upper scale 139,239 and 183 wood umbrellas feature decorative brass trim on the lower and upper ribs to complement the natural beauty of the wood. A brass decorative ring finishes off this upscale look.
The premium model 139 and 239 series feature a protective brass base sleeve to protect the bottom pole from any moisture accumulation in the umbrella base. This will prolong the finish and durability of the wood bottom pole.
Rotational Tilt
Our 139,239 and 537tk wood umbrellas feature a innovative rotational tilt to expand the afternoon shade. Simply rotate one of the ribs clock-wise and the umbrella will gently spin in to the tilted position.