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Loveseat, Sofa & Bench


Shadow Gray Duronex Covers



The Deluxe Edition Duronex Protective Covers are specially bonded with a protective cloth backing and feature durable shadow gray vinyl.

  • Made for moderate climate conditions
  • Weather Resistant
  • Hand Washable
  • Super Strong UV Inhibited Reinforced Vinyl
  • Dual Layer with Protective Cloth Backing
  • Protective Cloth Backing Gentle Against Furniture
  • Fits Securely
  • Quality Guaranteed

Sandstone Beige

Tron-Weve Covers


The Premium Tron-Weve Protective Covers are made from a space age material that is extremely durable and lightweight and featuring Sandstone Beige.

  • Made for more extreme climate conditions
  • Weather Resistant
  • Hand Washable
  • Super Strong UV Inhibited Space Age Material
  • Lightweight
  • Fits Securely
  • Quality Guaranteed
  • Proven by US Laboratory Tests* 

* Independent U.S. Laboratory tests show Tron-Weve withstanding -40 degrees F and heat exceeding (by 50 degrees) the hottest recorded temperature in the world without damage

  Item #         Description                             Gray          Beige                                                                     Meaurements

PC545 Glider                                     $26.80       $31.80   26H x 50W x 29D     
PC540 Sofa/Settee                              $37.80       $52.80   31H x 74W x 31D
PC542 Sofa Wicker                             $46.80       $46.80  35H x 88W x 36D
PC518 Sofa Wicker, Large                   $47.80       $47.80  37H x 79W x 37D
PC528 Sofa Wicker, Extra Large          $55.80       $55.80  39H x 79W x 41D
PC547 Loveseat Wicker, Standard        $37.80       $37.80  35H x 58W x 38D
PC517 Loveseat Wicker, Large             $39.80       $39.80  37H x 56W x 37D
PC527 Loveseat Wicker, Extra Large    $49.80       $49.80  39H x 57W x 41D
PC543 Sofa, Large                              $57.80       $60.80  35H x 100W x 41D


BC561B Loveseat, Curved Large         $49.80      $50.80 36H x 71W x 35 D


BC562B Sofa, Curved Extra Large       $57.80     $59.80 36H x 109 W x 35 D