Window Seat Cushions

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  We take pride in our work and the result is a quality product that endures for years to come as we use only the best materials so that you can be sure you're getting the best.

It is now easier than ever to get custom cushions with the BEST FIT for the BEST PRICE in the FASTEST TIME !   

Once you know which fabric, fill and features you would like, simply click the link below and we will get back to you fast!   



1. Measure Your Window Seat Where You Would Like the       Cushion to Cover.
*For any special curves or angles please make a paper template and send to
 1720 s Broadway
 Denver, CO. 80210 
2. Choose Your Fabric
        *Be sure to have a pencil handy to write down your favorite fabric.  Please include the manufacturer, the name, number of your fabric choice.
CushionWorld 2013
Sunbrella Indoor/Outdoor 
Fabric Showroom Links
3. Choose Your Fill
  a. standard (Best Value) Density 1.9 , 46 ILD (compression), Medium-Firm, 3-5 year longevity
  b. Deluxe - High Density 2.7, 5-10+ year longevity
  • ILD 16 - Soft
  • ILD 32 - Medium
  • ILD 41 - Firm
  c.  Supreme High Density, High Resiliency 3.3, 10-15 year longevity            
  • ILD 33 - Medium
  • ILD 45 - Firm
4. Choose Your Wrap
  a. standard dacron wrap is included free of charge with every refill -  adds softness  and shape to your foam fill. 
  b.  Poly-silk filled envelopes:
  •        additional charge
  •        fluffy, silky down-like polyester product.  Adds loft, softness and shape to your foam.
  c.  feather-filled envelopes:
  •       additional charge
  •       medium-soft 100% goose feather wrap
  •       adds loft and shape to foam
  d. down-filled envelopes
  •       additonal charge
  •       medium-soft filler
  •       adds loft, luxurious feel and beauty to foam
  •       100% goose down or 100% goose feathers
  •       blended down-filled envelopes include:  5/95 = 5 % DOWN / 95 % FEATHERS 
                                                                            50/50 = 50 % DOWN / 95% FEATHERS

5. Choose Your Features
  a. Welt?
  • Single 
  • Double (needs boxing)



    Cushion with Single Welt                           Cushion with Double Welt & Boxing   


   b.  Boxing or Knife-Edge?  



Cushion with Knife-edge



  c.  Removable or Non-Removable?   All cushions come standard with zippers which = Removable Covers!
  d. Choose Any Accents 
Quilting or Buttons
Cushion with Buttons on Backs 
 Cushion with Quilting on back
& a Boxed Seat Pad
Beautiful Accent
*use this link to select trimmings...  KRAVET



  • Fringe
  • Bead Fringe
  • Tassles
  • Gimp
  • Rouche
  • Cord
  • Braid 
  •  Buttons
  • Tape